A Rain Falling Star: Thea's Journal, by Thea Kay Leopoulos

A Rain Falling Star: Thea's Journal, by Thea Kay Leopoulos

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Paperback edition of A Rain Falling Star, including a personal journal for you to write down your own thoughts. Thea Kay Leopoulos was introduced to art her junior year in high school, and her incredible artwork, writings, and spirit soared. By delving into her artistic talents, she learned who she was, and helped others feel their own true worth. Tragically, Thea was killed by a drunk driver at the end of her junior year. A Rain Falling Star is a selection of entries taken from Thea Leopoulos's journal interspersed with family photographs and Thea's artwork, all of which were first attempts at using the different mediums. We hope her wisdom and talent will provide one of those rare sparks of passionate light we all need in a sometimes dark world. Or in Thea's beautiful words, may this journal be for you a "rain falling star."